Sunday, May 9, 2010

The Rose Beneath the storm

The rose may be beautiful
The rose may be strong
The rose may be delicate
The rose may be exquisite
The rose may be desirable
But every rose has its thorns.

The thorns may be astute
The thorns may be sharp
The thorns may be conscious
The thorns may be original
But every thorn has its own storm.

The storm may be tough
The storm may be relentless
The storm may be foolish
The storm may be afraid
But every storm may adore
And every storm may love

Nevertheless the rose is always there at the end of the storm.
I will always be your rose through the storms.

When Words Fail

A picture is only a picture
A moment caught in time
A moment that never wishes to be forgotten
But how do you catch a feeling?
You may assume the feeling that is being portrayed in the picture
But you wont really know
Until you know the story behind the picture
You will never know.


I let the flames crawl up my spine
I let them spill out when i see you
I let the idea of love swirl around in my heart
I let the burning ease melt away the fear
I let my mind go blank
All that happens when in your arms
Your warm embrace
Your to tight pull
Your Love.


The kiss you are giving
Or the one you are receiving
The kiss you are enduring
Or the one you are savoring

The kiss you are feeling
Or the one that’s curing
The kiss you suffer for
Or the one that’s soothing

A kiss means sharing
or does it mean daring
a kiss is an offering
or is it demanding

a kiss is an open invitation
or is it a push to surrender everything
a kiss can be beautiful and pure
or full of desire and lust

a kiss given with soul and heart
is our unspoken loving part.

Monday, October 26, 2009

snit bits

For you a thousand times over
For her a thousand times again
For him a thousand sins.


If i were the apple, and you were the tree, would you hold me up?
And when i drop, would you grow your grass thicker to cushion me?
What if when i planted my seed and started to grow, would you nurture and protect me?
And if it rained and if it snowed, what would be the effect?


brick by brick we build our walls strong and tall.
-> how do i keep this one liner going?


Sunday, October 25, 2009

i know i cant change things right now, but ill keep a look out for tomorrow.

Yesterday seems just a dream away
Today seems as though yesterday never happened
Tomorrow may be a nightmare.

Yesterday a smile passed between the gap
Today a whispers of words sets a trap
Tomorrow, we walk right into it.

Yesterday you walk alittle faster
Today a hop skip and a jump
Tomorrow eyes met and hearts pump.

Yesterday a decision away
Today a mess of confusion
Tomorrow's all illusions.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

random crumbs of delightful words.

When the world comes crashing down
And there's no where left to run,
You can always run into my arms.

If you dance, ill dance by your side
If you cry, then ill be the shoulder you lean on
If you run, then ill run right behind you
If you love, then ill keep on loving you.

You tell me you'll always be there for me, but what ever happened to alittle reassurance without lying right to my face?

Love is a dangerous thing,
Its what people look for, long for, and die for.
The stories of a love fought battle, or a prince charming and his princess,
It always ends badly, but Life isnt worth living, if you dont atleast try to live it.